Below are case studies that will show how even small designs can be improved and in some cases, saved from major problems using low cost 3-D models.

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"Lente Loco" Show Univision Network
These are two different designs for a motorized monitor bracket, for "Lente Loco" show on Univision Network. The design called for the actuators and electrical components needed to drive the brackets be hidden and still maintain a sleek, aerodynamic look. The bracket also needed to articulate in multiple positions and strong enough to accommodate the weight of a large flat screen monitor and not sway or rock excessively when in motion. The design featured 3" OD x .500 wall x 2.00 ID 1020 DOM Structural Round Steel Tube with Fiberglass body panels concealing the mechanical works and electronics to improve the overall appearance. Here are samples of 3d models, which were then rendered to animated gifs for presentation.
All set designs include floor plan, elevation and construction drawings, with 3d model renderings and animated presentations sent by email.

The client was able to view them from
all angles and in motion, right from
the clients email program, without
a plug-in. The client can see the
proposal in real life before making
a decision.

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Lente Loco

No Job to Small - Display Booths in 3D
Gulfstream Racetrack
needed a display booth design. I was called in by the shop to help with the presentation. They were having trouble getting the final approval to start building. It seems that the rendering that the shops' in-house designer did, while quite good, still did not convince the Gulfstream people that the final product would look like the rendering. These concerns and the consequent indecision had been going on for weeks.

I took over and came up with two, more viable designs, modeled in 3D. The total budget was under $5000, including the design. Shown here are the color renderings we made. These were created in six hours, and immediately emailed to the client. Upon seeing the 3D models, the client called back and by the end of that day we had the green light, and the check was in the mail. The total cost to the shop for the completed design, including color renderings and construction drawings was $250. Total value of resolving an issue with a demanding, but important client, Priceless!

"Ver Para Creer" Univision
I was given the task of designing a studio set for the Ver Para Creer show, which airs weekly to an international audience. The Art Director sketched out an idea for a bank of video monitors arranged in the shape of half of a sphere. This set piece needed to oscillate back and forth, with a self contained motor and was to be constructed with the ability to be broken down, rolled out as self contained units, into a 20' truck.

The color renderings shown here are from 3-d models created for the proposed project. As with most design challenges, there are many ways to achieve a desired goal. We developed two completely different ways to make this. One design was similar to the way a artificial Christmas tree is assembled in vertical sections, which would store in a small area. The second would break into quarter sections, and would be much cheaper to build. The Producer decided to go with the second design. The construction drawings were completed, and sent to contract shops for bids.

We felt that the shops had over priced the job claiming that the rigging of the motor and drive unit would cost more than we anticipated. We felt the bids over priced the material costs and labor.


I quickly rendered an animation to show the simplicity of our design and that it should be no more than a few hours to rig the motor and attach a crank arm between simple disks. Since the design was already modeled in 3-d, outputting the animation took only five seconds. The finished animation
was then emailed to all of the shops, in gif format so it played right in Outlook, no player or plugin needed. The small 160k file could be downloaded in 33 seconds with a 56k modem. In a matter of minutes, the shops were more receptive to our view of the pricing, feeling confident enough to significantly lower their bids, after seeing the animation. This resolution was accomplished in less than one hour and all the parties involved were satisfied.

"Premio Nuestra " Univision NetworkPremio Nuestra Knight Center rigging
Rigging of the curved pieces for Premio Nuestra. The curved scenic elements hang on "tormentor battens", that can be swiveled to create scene changes and to move them out of the way of the stage when necessary. This animation shows the rigging and various positions that could be achieved by staggering the angles. These "tormentors" are usually used to hang curtain "legs" on the sides of a stage to hide back stage areas from audience. These curved pieces can be rotated by hand or motorized to create different looks.

"Sports Update" Galavision Network

Full 3d design models rendered to high resolution photo realistic prints. Animated walk through presentations were also rendered for the bid packs that were emailed to the shops to aid the bidder to quickly interpret the drawings.


3-D Architectural renderings of a three unit townhouse

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