This is free and it really works!
The information here could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of wasted time, waiting for results that never come. Don't be fooled by the hype about submission services and the other scams that are expensive and guarantee nothing. Most of these services use "index spamming" which can actually get your site banned from most reputable directories.

The standard wwwboard or bulletin board
provided free to many host accounts is a great way to promote your site. There are literally thousands of them on the web. When you submit to one of these wwwboards, you have actually created a "static" web page on that server. This page actually is a link to your site, from another site, on another server. This is critical to increasing you site's ranking with the search engines.

Static HTML pages are mostly text, so they are not as expensive to create as the large database driven sites. However, to a search engine robot, the database site is practically invisible. Unless there is text to describe the contents of a web page, the search engine sees that page as blank. So those lowly little html pages are actually more critical to the search engine ranking of your site, than any fancy animation or CRM!

You may use the URL in the location window on your browser as your web page
. By submitting information like your location, and sales message on these wwwboards, then submitting the url of the index page of wwwboard, to Google and DMOZ and other directories, you are actually creating a link from that site to yours. The ranking you get is largely based on the number of sites linked to your site, not from your ip or domain. The idea is the more "other people" that like your site, enough to link to it, the higher it is ranked. This is the most fair method of assessing the true popularity of the site. You may also submit these wwwboard pages to Bing, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Google and AOL which is really the DMOZ open directory project. To find the submission pages for all these sites, go to and do a search with the keywords "submit url".

In the DMOZ. Submitting your site to appropriate categories is another important point. For the other directories like Yahoo, do keyword searches to find categories that may indirectly include your particular business.

One good trick is to get your home page linked in other sites, by going to links pages. Get your site linked by emailing the site owner and ask to exchange links. Most often they are in other areas and don't compete with you directly. You then submit the page with the link to your site, to sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more of these you have, the higher you are ranked. Make sure to include an email address (web based email is fine), location of business, products or services and most importantly the URL of your web site.

If you don't have a site don't worry, you can still do it with just the Hotmail or other free Internet mail account. When you click submit button on the bulletin board, you have actually created a url. Use that URL, found in the location window of your browser, as your web page and online resume. Submit this URL to all the above mentioned directories and search engines.

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